WFIRST Simulations

Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope


As part of the WFIRST Phase A formulation tasks, IPAC and STScI are building and overseeing this simulation repository, allowing the science community to access information about WFIRST-related simulations, including results, code, and analysis tools. Contents are derived from the efforts of IPAC, STScI, Goddard, and JPL, as well as the Science Definition Team, the Formulation Science Working Group, Science Investigation Teams, and WFIRST Preparatory Science Teams. The science community at large is encouraged to submit their own simulations and predictions for incorporation into these pages.

Science Simulations by Instrument

  • Wide-Field Instrument (WFI)

    • Detector Performance
    • Direct Imaging
    • Grism
    • Integral Field Unit (IFC)

  • Coronagraph Instrument (CGI)

    • Instrument Models
    • Astrophysical Data and Models
    • Public Simulated CGI Data

Science Simulations by Topic

  • Dark Energy

  • Exoplanets

  • Detector Performance