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WFIRST Galaxy Survey Exposure Time Calculator

The WFIRST Galaxy Survey Exposure Time Calculator is Chris Hirata's exposure time calculator for use in optimizing hardware requirements and observing strategy for the WFIRST High Latitude Survey (HLS). It takes known galaxy properties to predict the limiting magnitudes and statistical properties of sources that can be detected by WFIRST for gravitational weak lensing and the galaxy redshift survey. It also has modes to help with the photo-z calibration emission line sensitivities and with estimating the spectral continuum sensitivity. The current update (version 14) of this code incorporates changes made for the AFTA study. Several configuration files are now available, including the WFI direct imaging and grism modes as well as the IFC detector mode.

Pandeia: A Multi-mission Exposure Time Calculator

Pandeia, named for the Greek goddess of brightness, is a new exposure time calculator being built at STScI to support JWST but extendable to other missions such as WFIRST. Pandeia calculates a detailed and accurate system performance for a wide variety of science cases and includes support for direct imaging, slitless spectroscopy, IFC spectroscopy, and coronagraphy. The first release of Pandeia is planned for 2016. Questions in the meantime should be made using the Contact link at the top of the page.