Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope


15 Dec 2016 JPL News Release: Are planets like those in 'Star Wars: Rogue One' really out there?
17 Mar 2016 Community announcement: NASA's New Great Observatory Takes Shape with the Support of the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
18 Feb 2016 NASA approves WFIRST to move from Study phase into Formulation (Phase A)
18 Dec 2015 NASA releases selection of Science Investigation Teams for WFIRST. See summaries of the selected investigations here (PDF).
17 Jul 2015 ROSES-2015 Appendix D.11 NRA for WFIRST Science Investigation Teams and Adjutant Scientists
12 Mar 2015 WFIRST-AFTA Preparatory Science investigation teams have been selected. The abstracts are here.
10 Mar 2015 Science Definition Team 2015 Report
07 Jan 2015 AAS WFIRST Special Session
17 Nov 2014 WFIRS14 Conference, Pasadena
04 Jun 2013 NASA Approval for Further AFTA Study
23 May 2013 WFIRST-AFTA SDT Final Report Revision 1
22 May 2013 WFIRST-2.4: What Every Astronomer Should Know
06 Sep 2012 WFIRST-NRO AFTA Science Definition Team Charter and Dear Colleague Letter released.
21 Aug 2012 Draft Proposal Call for WFIRST-NRO AFTA Science Definition Team released.
10 Aug 2012 WFIRST SDT Final Report
02 Feb 2012 SDT Charter updated.
13 Jul 2011 WFIRST SDT and Project Interim Report Presentation to the Astrophysics Sub-Committee
12 Jul 2011 WFIRST Interim Design Reference Mission Report released.
04 Nov 2010 Charter for the Science Definition Team for WFIRST released.
19 Oct 2010 Call for Letters of Application for Membership on the Science Definition Team for WFIRST released.