Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope

The WFIRST community mourns the loss of Project Scientist Dr. Neil Gehrels. Through his intelligence, integrity, humanity and tireless effort, he provided leadership and scientific direction for WFIRST since its early days. He will be dearly missed. Neil had an extraordinary career at NASA, making significant contributions to the study of gamma ray bursts, high energy astrophysics and space instrument development. He was the Principal Investigator of NASA's Swift Explorer mission and Project Scientist for the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. Neil was honored as a Caltech Distinguished Alumnus in 2016.
IPAC will partner with Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute to provide the Science Center functions for WFIRST. The WFIRST mission is currently in phase A, Formulation. This web site describes IPAC's current role in developing and curating telescope instrument and simulation efforts, as well as engaging the greater scientific community in preparing for the science of WFIRST.

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